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Our Range of Plug Pins: Electrical Plug Pins Manufacturers India

Asian fasteners is a leading exporter, electrical plug pins manufacturer India and brass plug pins used across the world. We understand that different countries have different specifications and quality parameters when it comes to electrical plug pins India. Therefore, our range of plug pins includes the variety which meets International standards. Take a look at our variety.

Plug Type A

Pins: 2

Countries: North America, Canada, Central America, and Japan

Plug Type B

Pins: 3

Countries: North America, Canada, Central America, and Japan

Plug Type C

Pins: 2

Countries: Europe (with exceptions)

Plug Type D

Pins: 3

Countries: India, Nepal, Srilanka, and Namibia

Plug Type E

Pins: 2

Countries: France, Belgium, and Slovakia

Plug Type F

Pins: 2

Countries: Germany, Austria, Netherlands, and Spain

Plug Type G

Pins: 3

Countries: UK, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong

Plug Type H

Pins: 3

Countries: Israel

Plug Type I

Pins: 2/3

Countries: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Argentina

Plug Type J

Pins: 3

Countries: Switzerland and Lichtenstein

Plug Type K

Pins: 3

Countries: Denmark and Greenland

Plug Type L

Pins: 3

Countries: Italy

Plug Type M

Pins: 3

Countries: South Africa, Swaziland, and Lesotho

Pug Type N

Pins: 3

Countries: Brazil

*The countries listed are only for general reference. Many other countries might use these plug pins.

Leading Electrical plug pins manufacturers India

Asian Fasteners are pioneer manufacturers of professional grade electrical plug pins in India. The company has its own manufacturing and development facility based in India. It supplies certified components to various industries including electric and automotive. The team of Asian fasteners is working towards continuous quality enhancement.

Here at Asian Fasteners, experts use innovatively developed designs and processes to produce the range of electrical plug pins. The company is among premium electrical plug pins manufacturers in India and known for its intuitive products range.

The experts at the facility use the best technological resources and deploy the best human resources who deserve the position. They nurture the talented engineers and create great people who do their job at their best and deliver quality results.

Asian Fasteners team achieves total customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services.

The wide variety of electrical plug pins and electronic components delivered by Asian Fasteners include switches, power cords, fuse holders, plugs, sockets, connectors, and other accessories.

The company is specialized in R and D, producing and marking all types of electronic connectors, which are widely accepted in industrial control, communication, equipment, computer, electronic consumptions and so on.

What is the use of plug pin?

Plug pins are the critical components used in the manufacturing of plugs. Before discussing its uses, there are some important details to know-

There are certain requirements for a pin that determine the properties of materials, such as-

  • Firm fit – The plug will be inserted or ejected several times during its life. If the material has poor wearing properties, it will lose the plug in the socket. The wear resistance property of the material depends on its strength. If manufacturing company uses material having high strength, it will produce wear resistant products.
  • Overheating – the pins must not get excessive hot or there will be a chance of fire. The heat generated from the current is drawn by the application and the conductor resistance. Manufacturers always desire for low electrical resistance in the pin.
  • Low cost – the plug should be of low cost to keep the material and processing costs down. However, the processing costs will rely on the material choice.

Asian Fasteners team members are offering vast range of components and services across the globe for tooling, designing and manufacturing the products as per the client’s requirements.

We supply our products to industries like-

  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Power electronics
  • Machine tools
  • Instrumentation
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Process control equipments
  • Consumer electronics

Why you should source plug pins from Asian fasteners?

We produce world-class products for our clients. As all the plug pins have to deal with electrical current, engineers of Asian Fasteners take precise care during selection of the high grade raw materials. The final products are well-finished and nickel coating is done to make the products look more attractive and presentable. The products manufactured at our facility are sturdy and used by different industrial and residential complexes.

Our impeccable range of brass electrical plug pins are quality grade and the entire range is available in diameters ranging between 1mm- 800mm. Our products are cost effective. We have the clients India and European countries.

We provide plug pins in distinct finishes-

  • Natural
  • Silver plated
  • Nickel plated
  • Zinc plated
  • Tin plated
  • Customer choice

Our working policy includes-

  • Inspection of raw material chemical properties
  • Inspection of raw material physical properties
  • Strict visual inspection
  • Statistical process control
  • Final inspection at the time of delivery

With the aim of providing the quality products to our clients, Asian Fasteners source premium raw material for production batches from reliable suppliers. The company has achieved record production without any rejection with the assistance of qualified supervisors, machineries, dedicated workforce, and measuring tools and instruments.

You can share your specifications and requirements and avail suitable deals at Asian Fasteners, a premium electrical plug pin manufacturers in India. Write your requirements and send it to the support desk of the company. You will get response and assistance of professional soon.

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