Re-Energised with Energy Meter Components from Asian Fasteners

Asian Fasteners is trusted company when it comes to manufacturing of brass current terminals; brass sealing screws with many other components used in Energy Meters. We have proper plant and machineries to meet with requirements all over the globe.

What Do We Offer ?

We are one of the most trusted brands when it comes to brass current terminals and brass sealing screws. Some of our notable attributes are stated below:

  • Endurance: All our products are manufactured with appropriate grade of brass which makes our products highly durable. This helps in providing longevity resulting into low maintenance.
  • Quality: All our products strictly adhere to the drawing provided to us by our customers. They are produced with utmost care at every stage of production. Further before final delivery is made, we undergo extensive quality check to make sure the customer receives exactly what he needs.
  • Varieties: Versatility makes us unique. We hold specialisation in many products and that is where we take lead from our competitors. We manufacture numerous products from differentiation in shapes and size under one roof.
  • Final Product: Our final product meets international standards because all are made with modern machineries. All our products are generally finished with silver or nickel plating as per the customer's need.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the need of client better than any other. We provide efficient solutions to all their queries. Our products are manufactured with modern techniques which enable them to be précised and accuracte. All our orders hold priority to us and we boast in completing our orders before the stipulated time.

Feel free to contact us any time as we work round the clock to fulfil all our commitments. You can see all the details of our vast varieties and respond with your queries if any. Contact us to get a free quote.

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