Brass Electrical Manufacturers Talking E-Waste Recycling Approach Seriously

E-waste is the electronic waste and e-waste recycling is the process of reprocessing of electrical and electronic equipment of any type discarded or considered as obsolete. Brass earthing block and terminal bars manufacturers in the industry are talking about e-waste recycling approach seriously with their customers. The list of e-waste includes several things –

  • Home electrical appliances – TV, refrigerator, AC, fans, DVDs, microwave, radio, electric cooker, induction stove, etc.
  • IT equipments – computers, hard disks, circuit boards, laptops, batteries, etc.
  • Electronic utilities – lighting, sporting equipments, and leisure.

E-waste recycling is a growing trend and companies have brought it to the limelight to protect human and environment health. In the process, used electronics and electrical components that are destined for resale, reuse, salvage, recycling or disposal are known as e-waste. Informal processing of e-waste in developing countries may cause threat to environment health.

What is the Right Process of E-Waste Recycling?

E-waste recycling involves excessive labor and several steps. Here are the right steps to do e-waste recycling-

  • Picking shed
  • When e-waste products enter to the recycling plants, expert team sorts all the things manually. They remove the batteries for quality check.
  • Disassembly
  • Once the items are sorted manually, labors working in the plant dismantle manually. The e-waste items are taken apart to retrieve all the parts and segregated into core materials and components. Labor categorizes the separated parts into re-usable parts or still continues the processes of recycling.
  • First size reduction process
  • The items that cannot dismantle are shredded together with other parts to pieces. These pieces are prepared for further segregation of the finer e-waste pieces.
  • Second size reduction method
  • The finer pieces are evenly spread out via an automated shaking process which is done on the conveyor belt. The pieces are later broken down and at this stage, any dust is extracted and discarded in efficient way so that it doesn’t pose any threat to environment.
  • Over band magnet
  • This step is used to expel all the magnetic materials like iron and steel from the e-waste debris.
  • Separation of non-metallic and metallic components
  • Copper, brass, and aluminum are also removed from the debris.
  • Water separation
  • Plastic content is expelled from glass with the use of water. Once separation is done, all the materials collected can then be resold as raw materials for recycling. This includes plastic, brass, copper, glass, iron, and valuable metal mix.

Brass earthing block manufacturers have intended this post with good intention of acknowledging people about e-waste recycling for better environment health. If you have anything to suggest, write it down in comments section below.

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