What Is The Best Material For Manufacturing Ball Valve?

Manufacturers of brass fittings / messing verschraubungen have brought this article for global readers to discuss about different materials that can be used for making ball valves. You may think that is it really worth talking about ball valve and sorts of materials that can be employed for making these fittings. A valve is just another fitting that has a certain function, right? But a lead leakage from brass valves make them unfit for food industries. So, if not brass, what else could be used?

Some manufacturing companies advise their clients to use plastic valves. You can use these valves in many situations. Let’s talk about advantages of PVC or plastic valves over brass valve.

PVC or plastic valves have variety of benefits over metal valves-

  • Plastic is eternal- it doesn’t corrode

Since we all are aware of the robustness of the plastic, we can say that it is the long-lasting material. This durability of plastic makes it a perfect material for some industries. Though there is a wide range of plastics available, but the mostly used one is PVC. PVC is water resistant and non-reactive to chemicals, including acids.

Since the valves don’t rust, they don’t jam easily, freezing the valve open or closed. This also means that plastic valves will have less buildup. Less buildup means less blockages of pipes and better flow rates for long run.

This is one of the reasons why plumbing and agro-based industries are using plastic to produce piping and valves solutions.

  • Easy to install

Plastic valves are lighter in weight as compared to metallic ones. Due to light weight of plastic valves, you can install them in no time with minimum efforts. However, you have to be bit cautious while tightening these valves. Over tightening of plastic valves may crack the product, so beware.

  • Easy to afford

Plastic valves are lesser costly than metal valves. Due to light weight, these products are easy to transport and this is where you save your money.

Other than brass, there are steel valves. Manufacturers are also making carbon steel valves and stainless steel valves on request of their clients. Steel is harder metal that contributes to its resilience. Steel valves are better than brass as they can resist leaks better than plastic and brass over time.

Brass fittings manufacturers are still making brass valves because there are some industries where these valves can perform better than any steel or plastic valve. To know more about these ranges of products, you can contact your nearby manufacturing unit or exporter engaged in providing brass components and other metal products.

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