Experts Using Electrical Plug Pins For Socket Connections

Electrical plugs are the connections between socket and the equipments. They are used to continue the power supply between the source of power and the equipment to be used. Electrical plug pins India suppliers offer different range to distinct customers as per the requirement.

Usually the electrician decides the type of wire socket should be there in a connection box and all we do is to tell him the required number of sockets one needs in a room so that the electrician can fix things for us in a house. We usually end up buying the most popular name we have heard of while buying the electrical equipments just as sockets and wire.

Electrical plugs and socket-outlets are different in size shape and connection type. And are usually decided by the county’s national safety unit as per the nation wide security standards, in India it is 110 to 240 volt.

A plug is a connector attached to one end of the wire of an equipment or electrical operated device. It has to cylindrical pins mostly made of brass or copper due to their high electricity fractional power where as a socket is usually fitted at the architectural structure of a building of the machine and having holes as the size of cylindrical pins to fit the pins perfectly. Each socket contains some universal holes size to fit the plugs gradually as per the nation’s standards to avoid the fire and shocks.

The dimensions of sockets and plugs permit the proper insertion of right plug in to right socket to avoid mis-happenings.

Earthing pins are usually longer and bigger than the power cables to make sure the equipment got earthed before the power flow in it to make it shock proof in safety measures.

Some sockets recently are made with the shutter and can only be open when the right shape and size of plug connects in it to avoid any unwanted object to get connected in to the socket.

Most commonly used electrical plugs have either two pins or the three pins. Two pin plugs contains negative and positive current and are already connected with earthing or they not at all required outsource for earthing. The other type of plugs contains three pins one of which is earth pin and the other two are negative and positive with a rating of 6Ampere / 250 volts to 16ampere/250volts.

Socket outlets are the direct access to the power source hence the power inlay is automatic in socket terminals and the connection can be made by a simple press of a button in case the socket isn’t serving direct.

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