Now Paint Your brass hardware and sealing screws At Home

The best DIY guidelines to paint copper or brass sealing screws your own

In this post, manufacturers of brass sealing screws will share the best tutorial to paint the brass hardware at your personal space. Read this post to know how pro does the paint on the brass screws and hardware and you can do it in same way without paying to expert.

  • 1. Clean the surface
  • Make sure the surface doesn’t carry any dirt, sand, chipped paint and any other irritating thing. You can use your metal cleaner to polish the brass or copper to the desired finish. If you are using acid based cleaner, you must neutralize the surface to prevent reaction of the solvent in the coating with the acid.

    It is simple to do job in which you have to wash the metal using a calcium carbonate or baking soda and water solution. It will neutralize the metal and remove the acid.

    Once you done the job of cleaning and polishing, check no residue should be left on the surface of the metal. Even buffing leaves a residue and you must remove it. You can use denatured alcohol or xylene for removal for residue to ensure flawless cleaning of the metal.

    Dry the metal using heat gun or your hair dryer to vaporize all moisture. Allow metal to cool itself before applying the coating.

  • 2. Application of quality coating
  • You can use high quality forgiving products that are convenient in use. You can reapply them or do final touch up without stripping. Just in case you commit a mistake, you can easily fix it by removing the coating from the area with solvent. Let the coating dry and reapply.

If you have liquid coating, you can use a clear-coat applicator, high density brushes or rollers, a pad made from clean, dry, lint-free white cloth. You can bet on polyester cloth since it has no lint. Do check the cloth should be of white color so the color of the shirt doesn’t taken by the surface which requires coating.

Wear the protective gloves before painting the hardware. Do check that your area of the project has proper ventilation. Pour enough coating into the clean and dry pan or container. Never dilute the coat with anything.

Now dip the brush or applicator and apply the coat on the metal surface of the hardware. Cover every small area and detail of the hardware surface. Leave the gap of minimum 1 hour between coats.

This is it! In this way you can paint your brass sealing screws and hardware products at home.

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