Brass Connectors Terminology and Identification

Brass is a powerful alloy and is used in a variety of industries to create parts that act as a support system in the functioning of a major equipment. In the plumbing and electrical industry, brass connectors have similar usage and these act as vital component in joining pipes or keeping wires segregated.

There are stainless steel variations available in the market but brass is a preferred choice. This is evident from the fact that there are specialized brass connector manufacturers who specifically manufacture exclusive brass products.

Male and Female Brass Connectors

Male and female brass connectors come together with one having rings and other that would fit those rings. These can be joined together using the built-in rings, the connection can be made strong using threads, fittings, and couplings.

2-Way and 3-Way Connectors

Depending on the type of connection you are trying to establish, you might need a connector which can join pipes from two sides or three-sides. The three-sided connector is popularly known as a “T.” Brass connector manufacturers also offer customized connectors which can connect even 4 pipes at a time.

High and Low Pressure Connectors

You might want to use a brass connector in plumbing or as a matter of fact even in gas connections. In both the settings, pressure is something that you would have to be mindful of. Therefore, brass connector manufacturers offer different connectors for high and low pressure set ups.

Because of great properties, brass is utilized in different industries. And this is the same reason that brass if often faked and as a buyer you might have a tough time in deciding whether you are buying real brass fittings of a duplicate. The next section will reveal some tips to identify brass.

Ways of Identifying the Real Brass Fittings

It is very common to come across material that resembles solid brass fixtures. They are often coated with other materials like chrome or enamels. If we need to identify polished brass fixtures, then it is important to understand that the fittings at times have recognizable bright golden color or we can also find it in darker brown color. The beauty of real brass fixtures is that it is reliable and can survive a life time.

Another popular way to identify brass quickly is to place a magnet near it. If the so called brass fitting is attracted to the magnet, then it is not brass. There are many other ways to test brass with the help of acids and strippers but you might not always have these handy when you go out to buy brass connectors.

If you are looking for Indian brass connector manufacturers & exporters, then make sure that the raw material they use to manufacture is compliant to your countries’ requirement. Most manufacturers use Grade 1 Brass which is often universally acceptable but then you might want to double check and be sure rather than going through whole lot of trouble at the end. Use brass fittings to enhance the look and feel and also get durable fittings which are sure to last long.

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