Taking Care Of Antique Brass Products Is a Rare Skill

Lacquered polish finishing brass has a complete layer of coating with the sole purpose of preventing brass metal from exposure to the chemicals and weather. Brass screw / Messing Schrauben and fasteners manufacturers explain how to take great care of lacquered brass antiques like a pro in this post. Read it and find how professionals maintain their lacquered finish products.

Even if you attempt applying brass polish with the lacquer, it won’t clean anything and make the item look ugly and cloudy. You should remove the lacquer first with some acetone or thinner. Make sure you handle the raw brass piece polish carefully.

You can perform lacquering at home but before that, you must remove the old lacquer from the brass finish and clean the surface thoroughly. If you left your fingerprints in the surface and perform lacquering, they will remain there and will not get remove until you remove lacquer.

Keep the lacquered products clean and wash them in lukewarm water and rinse and dry. Never apply hot water on these products if you want to protect the lacquer layer. Do not polish the surface or soak them in water.

How to take care of antique pieces?

If you want to polish antique brass product, you have to wash them first in hot, soapy water. This will remove the grime, wax, grease and dirt from the surface. Rinse with clean water and dry. Use moist soft cloth with boiled linseed oil and rub it on the brass surface until the dirt and grease have been expelled. Then polish as mentioned by your professional.

How to remove heavy stains and corrosion from brass product?

You have to wash the product in hot soapy water. You can even take a weak ammonia and water solution and then rinse and let dry. Take a soft cloth and damp in hot vinegar and then dip in table salt and scrub the surface of brass. You can prepare a paste of flour, salt, and vinegar. You may need to apply the paste many times for cleaning the product. When you finish with cleaning phase, polish the surface using lemon oil and soft cloth. You can dip a slice of fresh lemon into the table salt mix and scrub the corroded area. Wash and rinse very carefully.

Your antiques are precious and should be handled with utmost care. If you need professional assistance, you can take your product to the museum expert and ask for advice. For more cleaning and maintenance tips, contact brass screw and products manufacturers.

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