Manufacturers Recommend 3-Pin Plugs For Safety Reasons

Have you ever visited the store of brass neutral bars manufacturers? Have you ever find electrical plug pins manufacturers saying your electrical safety doesn’t get affect by the type of plugs? Putting a plug in the socket is very common thing that people often do. Moreover, it is a routine task in the modern times where people are using electrical applications to complete their daily job.

Just tell how many times have you poked the earth lever using a screwdriver, pen, or similar object to insert the plug and push the pins within the neutral and live?

It is a usual thing done by most of the people. But manufacturers of plug pins always advice to people not to perform such acts as it involves safety risks. In any case people should not start pushing metal objects into the plug holes. You may get severe shock by putting a screwdriver anywhere near the mains holes of the socket.

It is better to use 3-pin plugs. Why? Let’s read.

The brown wire is the Live Wire connected to the fuse on the live pin. The electricity routes through the live wire.

The neutral wire is of blue color through which electricity routes when it exits an appliance. This is why the neutral wire has a voltage close to zero.

The Earth wire is represented as Yellow and Green. This wire is connected to the earth pin. This is used when the appliance casing is made of metal.

A 3 pin plug has three pins as the name suggests. You should know the way to wire such plug in right way. The 3-pin plugs are designed in a way to let electricity flow through the electrical appliance safely. Each wire has its own unique color and each pin needs to be correctly connected to the three wires in the electrical cable.

Most 3 pin electrical socket outlets are designed to tolerate maximum current up to 13 amperes. It is critical to ensure that electrical equipments can operate under these conditions prior putting their plugs into the electrical outlets. These plugs are safer to use and the electrical plug pins manufacturers recommend them to their clients.

You can avail such products from brass neutral bars manufacturers or suppliers dealing with brass components across the world. If you need more details on brass plugins and brass components, you can ask in comments.

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